100% degradable cartons

Orders of posters without frames are packed in 100% degradable cartons or hard envelopes. Frames are sealed with thin plastic to keep them safe during delivery and packed in 100% degradable cartons.

100% degradable tape

For packaging that does require tape we use an Eco-Friendly tape made of Kraft paper.
When we have used up a tape, we recycle the inner spool as carton.

Paper with EU Ecolabel

Posters are printed on EU Ecolabel and FSC certified paper.


• Plant based inks
• Nordic Swan Eco label
• EU Eco label
• ISO14001


While we’d prefer using no plastics at all we still have to use some to keep frames safe on their journey to you. This is under constant review and as soon as we find an equal alternative we will use a more sustainable solution. We use acrylic glass in our frames. Acrylic glass is a very strong material that weighs less than regular glass helping to reduce transport emissions. It is also a material which is strong and therefore reduces the amount of damaged products in transport which also reduces transport emissions as we limit returns. Acrylic glass is a little easier to scratch than regular glass so please wipe with some care as it’s more sustainable if the the frame lasts longer.



We haven’t quite figured out how to train birds to deliver your art directly to you, therefore we use the traditional delivery method by using shipping providers with the environment in focus throughout the journey.