World's first ever #GALLERYBATTLE hosted by Felix Sandman

  • Today we are proud to present the world's first #GALLERYBATTLE - Felix Sandman!

    Two photography artists meet in a battle to decide who’s art will hang at Democratic Gallery. Battles are hosted by successful creative profiles on their Instagram stories. Our first host is Netflix and music star Felix Sandman who was introduced to the world of art at an early age as his mother is an artist.

  • “I had my breakthrough on social media so I know the power it has, and that’s why it feels good to be able to support other creative souls to reach out with their art.”

  • You can watch the #GALLERYBATTLE above where we have posted Felix Instagram story as a movie. But you can make our day by voting on Felix Sandman's Instagram Story - @felixsandman. Voting takes place for 24 hour only… hurry, hurry… let’s make the art world democratic together! Who should win the worlds